Frequently Asked Questions

I'm trying to paste from word, and it's not working

When text is copied from Microsoft Word, it will include lots of formatting that doesn't work with web programs. To make pasting from Word work, it is recommended that the User first copies the text from Word (ctrl+c), then pastes the text into notepad (or textedit on a mac). The text can then be selected and then re-copied from notepad and pasted into Hamilton Web Learner. The text will be free from formatting and the functions of the editor will work normally.

I am having trouble making style changes to text

Sometimes making a style change will not appear to change anything. This is because WebLearner is an HTML editor, and not a word processor. It is possible that the change you are applying is being overridden by another style change. If you cannot make Weblearner do what you need then there is always the 'remove styles' button (marked above). This removes ALL formatting from your page, and converts it to plain text. This is especially useful for documents that have been pasted in from a word processor.

Some information on 'browsing'

It is very important that access to Childrens' work is kept secure. For this reason the 'browse' facility is by default disabled, but can be enabled by a Teacher to suit the needs of the class. Teachers can see the work of any Child in their school. Children can only see their own work, unless:

  1. The Teacher has created a 'class' and assigned pupils to that class.
  2. That the 'browse' facility has been enabled for that class.

It is recommended that the browse facility is switched off except in the class environment.

What do all the buttons do?

Here is a list of all the features currently enabled in WebLearner:

Undo Undoes the last command.
Redo Redoes the last undo.
Numbered List Converts the selected text to a numbered list - pressing enter at the end of a line makes a new numbered item. Press enter at the end of the list to end the list.
Unnumbered List Creates a list of bullet points (like above).
Insert Hyperlink Brings up window that allows the user to enter an address i.e. "". Clicking on OK turns whatever was selected into a link to the resource entered.
Remove Hyperlink Will remove a hyperlink from the selection.
Quick Insert Image Will insert an image where the cursor is placed.
Image Shows the full properties of the selected image.
Flash Allows a User to insert a Flash object in their web page.
Horizontal Rule Inserts a dividing line across the page where the cursor is placed.
Cleanup HTML Will remove all formatting from the page (especially useful for pages that have been pasted from other sources).
Show / Hide Tables Will show (outline) or hide any tables that may be in the page.
Bold Makes the selected text Bold (or not bold if already bold).
Italic Applies or removes italic font version.
Underline Applies or removes underline from selection.
Strike thru Applies or removes strike thru from selected text.
Justify (left) Justifies text to the left.
Justify (centre) Justifies text to the centre.
Justify (right) Justifies text to the right.
Justify (full) Justifies text (full) - i.e. text will be stretched to fill space.
Indent Indent text to the right.
Outdent Remove an indent.
Text background colour Will apply a colour to the background of the text, but not the whole page.
Text colour Will apply a colour to the text.
Superscript Makes the selected text superscript.
Subscript Makes the selected text subscript.
Insert Table Allows the user to create a new table where the cursor is placed.
Table properties Shows all the properties of the selected table. Note, this is disabled until the cursor is inside a table.
Cell properties Shows the properties of an individual cell, including colour etc.
Insert Row Inserts a table row where the cursor is placed.
Insert Column Inserts a column in the table where the cursor is.
Delete Row Deletes a row where the cursor is.
Delete Column Deletes a column where the cursor is.
Merge right Merges cell with the cell to its right
Merge down Merges cell with the cell below it.
Split horizontal Splits a cell horizontally.
Split vertical Splits a cell vertically.
HTML view Shows the code behind the page.
Design view Switches tothe default layout view of the page.

Browser Support


Hamilton WebLearner makes use of an advanced editor that requires a modern browser to work properly. Users should consider upgrading to one of the following latest browser editions. All these upgrades are FREE.


Get Google Chrome Firefox 3