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We will be closing Hamilton WebLearner at the end of April 2018.

We are no longer accepting new user registrations.

There now exist many excellent alternatives to Weblearner. We recommend using Pobble to showcase children’s writing. If you and your pupils would like to build websites and blogs, try a site such as Weebly for Education.

If you would like to get in touch with us about the decision to close Weblearner, please contact us.


Hamilton WebLearner (HWL) allows Pupils of Primary Schools to instantly and easily create web sites that accompany course material. This web site provides a facility where Teachers and Pupils can create their own web sites in a safe and secure environment. Whether the objective is to deal with course material in a new and exciting way or to teach web design, Hamilton WebLearner is an easy and fun way to do this. Better still, it's FREE for Friends of Hamilton and teachers on a School Subscription to the Hamilton website. See Hamilton Trust to become a Friend or sign up your school if you have not done so already.

Log into your site here:

Safe & Secure

Because Hamilton WebLearner is designed for Schools, all material published in or out of class can only be viewed by members of the same School. This means that your Pupils can work together on web sites, viewing each other's work, but this work is not available to users outside your School.

Get Google Chrome Firefox 3

Get Firefox

Hamilton WebLearner is optimised for the Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. Both are freely downloadable at the following links:


To use HWL you will need a broadband connection and a computer running a Firefox or Chrome browser.

Links and help


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Schools - Hamilton WebLearner is FREE for registered users of Hamilton. Parents (NEW) can use Hamilton Weblearner to create a private webpage with their children at home

Getting Started

Hamilton Web Leaner tuition videos

A selection of videos is now available to help you get started with Hamilton Web Learner, including information on setting up your Pupils, class and help on instructing your class on using the system.

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Share Hamilton WebLearner with your class and get your children to create their own web sites in minutes!